Friday, January 10, 2014

15 Best Feelings in the World

  1. Seeing your child for the first time.
  2. Getting into a hot bath when your muscles are tense.
  3. A cold beer after you mow the lawn in the summer.
  4. Getting into a bed made with clean sheets when you're tired.
  5. Waking up next to someone you love and seeing them smiling at you.
  6. Rocking your child to sleep.
  7. Getting a good leg massage.
  8. A warm puppy sleeping in your lap.
  9. Making a baby laugh.
  10. Kissing someone you're in love with.
  11. Getting a long hug from a loving parent.
  12. Reaching a goal you've worked hard to achieve.
  13. Satisfying a lover.
  14. Laughing so hard that you go into silent, shaking mode.
  15. Being there to share in someone else's moment of joy.

1 comment:

midlifenatalie said...

Yes to all of them, but the beer. I can't get behind that.

Oh...and the leg massage...I am a tad bit ticklish so I don't know how relaxing that would be for me.

But the rest...yes.