Monday, April 28, 2014

A Big, Gay Wedding

All you need is love

This past Saturday night, I was honored to be a witness to a beautiful exchange of vows between two men who are in love.

Jeff and David, the groom and groom, stood in front of their family & friends and recited their vows to each other.  

They pledged to come into the marriage without expectation of what the other could bring to them or do for them.  Instead, they pledged to love the other enough to strive to meet the needs of their partner.

It was also mentioned that Jeff and David had to have their legal wedding in California a few months ago so it would get legal recognition in the United States and so David would qualify as a military spouse to receive those benefits.  

As I thought about the trouble and expense that these men had to go through - to travel to marry away from their family and friends, and then come home and do it again for everyone else - it just made me mad that we still have to deal with this shit.

A lesbian relates

At the party, we watched an amazing video tribute to Jeff and David. We heard their families and friends give toasts to the grooms. Jeff's best friend was especially inspiring and I related to what he said.

He said that 2 years ago, he and Jeff were out having cocktails and reeling from recent break-ups. 

(I could relate)

He said that Jeff told him that he doubted that he was ever going to be in another relationship again - that maybe he just wasn't cut out for it.

(I could relate)

He said that Jeff talked about having a date planned for the following week and having no expectations that it would turn into anything.

(I could relate)

When they spoke again, Jeff was surprised and cautiously optimistic about how well the date went.

(I could relate!)

After dating a few months, Jeff knew that he loved David and that he was a "hot tamale" -
(Well, David is handsome, but I'm not in love with him.)

Still, I have recently come to know that feeling of "Can this be happening to me?  I was not going to do this again.  Can I be falling in love with someone after the ass-whipping that my heart just took?"

So yes - I could relate.  


Meanwhile, the guy in the floral print jacket below here is Max.  He is in this post because:
  1. He is ROCKING that floral print jacket.  You can't see it but he also has the cutest blue shorts on.  In addition to this jacket, he has fashion BALLS to show up looking like this.
  2. He is so sweet and I have loved getting to know him over the past year.
  3. He and Kelly really hit it off.  Here she is helping to clear his chakras. These two are all about energy and their exchange left me smiling from ear to ear. 

Gay marriage is coming

It was beautiful, inspiring and so very special for me to share in Jeff and David's big night.  I was truly honored to be a part of it.

I am hopeful that, as a lesbian, I will some day be able to stand in front of my family & friends and marry the woman that I love and be recognized as equal to every other married couple in Georgia.

I am putting it out there in the universe that I want to have a legally recognized marriage in my home state, Georgia, where last week, several couples filed lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of Georgia's ban on same-sex marriage.

So far, in every state that has challenged such laws, they have all been overturned and ruled as "unconstitutional."

Could another big, gay wedding be on the horizon?  Whether it's Max, me or someone else, it's happening. 

The Gay Marriage Train is coming, everyone.  Choo-Choo. 


Perfekly Flawed said...

Love this blog post Shannon! Love the "lesbian relates" moments (been there!) and am cheering you all on down there in Georgia!


Perfekly Flawed said...
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Shannon said...

Thank you, Miss Valerie. You are always such an encourager. I know we were both dwelling among the land of broken things for a while there. When you found it, I had hope for myself. Thank you for crossing your fingers for me. I love you!