Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decorating With Kelly

Kelly and I have been talking quite a bit about the future which inevitably leads her to talk about living together and one of her favorite subjects: DECORATING!

Honestly, I couldn't care less about decorating.  The very word gives me the shingles.
  • I think about wasting money buying things that may or may not look good together when I get them home.  
  • I think about how I will likely get sick of looking at the new stuff or somehow ruining it ("This is why we can't have nice things!").  
  • I think about how I have never in my life purchased curtains - or should I say "dust collection devices"? 
I think about how much I hate an object sitting on a clean, flat surface and cluttering it up and how bad I feel when I go to someone's house who has an ENTIRE CURIO CABINET full of chotchkies just sitting there looking useless and irritating me.
I judge these people for wasting their money on useless crap that sits there having it's rent paid for while it does nothing to earn its keep.  (Much like a teenager)

Now, however, love has brought me to the place where I am talking about decorating our future home with someone who is passionate about it. 

Not just talking about it, but she started a joint, private Pinterest page for us to share decorating ideas that we love with each other.  

Okay, 99% of the pins are hers but sometimes, I pin a modern looking chair to demonstrate my engagement.
You see, our tastes are slightly different.  

My design aesthetic is clean lines, light, modern wood, skulls and red, black and grey color pallets.  

Hers is traditional, heavily patterned, curvy shapes and full of pillows.  

(Note: I have actually written about my decorative pillow hatred in the past.) 

But credit must be given where credit is due.  

This sexy femme of mine has actually found a meeting of the minds and sent me some pieces that she thinks will be a good compromise for both of us.  Take a look:

Exhibit A: A Traditional Chair

She got me to concede that a curvy, traditional chair might be cool to have as long as it had a SWEET skull on it!  I had no idea they made these.  And not just this one, but also these:

Exhibit B: Decorative Pillows

Oh, damn, she's good!  

I literally feel resentful when I go to someone's house who has a lot of decorative pillows in my way.  Its almost as if they don't really want for me to be comfortable sitting on their couch where I have to compete with 30 other pillows for some space.  But Kelly used my skull love and combined it with my favorite color red to get me to agree on these.  

Well played, my love.  Well played....

Exhibit C: Combining modern with traditional, curves with clean lines

This is a dining room that she pinned.  See the cleverness of her mind, here?  She again sneaks in the exact chairs that I would normally hate due to their traditional look.  But because they have cool silver/gray colors and are paired with modern, red flooring, a modern table and modern fixtures, I am again lured approvingly into her world of decor.

This sweet girl is more than a pretty face, a great rack and fantastic sense of humor.  She is also one of the smartest, most intuitive people that I know.  I am starting to picture the wonderful home that we could live and love in together one day.  

Things are about to get interesting here...

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Anonymous said...

This makes me happy!!! You deserve skull chairs and real love. More than anyone I know. Elliot agrees. Xoxo. Heather